Though a group of heroes saved the people of the city from being sacrificed by the mad Queen Ileosa, the city will never be the same. The noble houses, minus House Arkona (who were wiped out during the quarantine of Old Korvosa), squabbled bitterly over who would claim the Crimson Throne after the royal Arabasti line was destroyed by the murderous queen. Eventually, Castle Korvosa’s seneschal, aided by what was left of Korvosa’s govermnent and the Hellkights (who were paid large sums of money for their aid and to recompense their losses during the Queen’s reign), was able to get the noble houses to stop bickering and vote to determine who would inherit the Crimson Throne. It was decided that House Endrin, was most fit to lead as they had familial ties to the nobility in Cheliax as well as the Sable Company Marines and the Korvosan Guard, who fought against Ileosa in her attempt to gain complete control of the city. Kevrail Endrin, patriarch of House Endrin, rose to the Crimson throne and was crowned King Kevrail I, and Korvosa began to rebuild.
The criminal elements of Korvosa also were heavily affected. House Arkona, the financial backers of Korvosa’s thieves guild (the Cerulean Society), had been destroyed by the heroes of Korvosa when they were discovered to be fiends in disguise aiding the queen in her mad grasp for immortality. Rather than reveal the secret nature of their former backers, the Cerulean Society made it seem like the Arkonas had been killed in the chaos. While Guildmaster Boule had suspected there was something unnatural about the Arkonas due to their strange relations with each other and their extensive enjoyment of torturing their enemies, he never quite knew their true nature until he and other high-ranking Society members entered Arkona Manor. They knew that if the truth got out the Cerulean Society could collapse, especially since the Arkonas were aiding the Queen, and so maneuvered to rid the Arkona estate of its fiendish trappings and outfitted the place as the new headquarters of the guild. Now, the society has gained immense control over old Korvosa and many of the city’s criminal elements after gaining the Arkona’s wealth, bringing a new amount of order to Korvosa’s criminal underworld.
There are many others who resent the Society and their new-found power and the underworld stands on the edge of street warfare. To avoid any more chaos and to secure the Cerulean Society’s dominance of the streets, Guildmaster Boule has signed an indefinite contract with the Blue Blade Company, a mercenary group of professional killers.

The Party

Basil, male human rogue/fighter, mercenary in the Blue Blade Company

The Campaign

Part I: Black and Blue

The Korvosa Chronicles