King Kevrail I

King of Korvosa and Head of House Endrin


LN m old human


King Kevrail I, patriarch of House Endrin, shared similar blood ties to Cheliax as house Arabasti – and Kevrail’s old friend King Eodred I – did. When the Arabasti bloodline was cut short by the insane Queen Ileosa’s bid for ultimate power, uncertainty over who would inherit the Crimson Throne of Korvosa arose. However, once order was restored in the city and the government mostly cobbled back together, House Endrin’s ties to Cheliax and the Korvosan military – along with a minimum amount of bad blood between House Endrin and the other noble houses of Korvosa – aided in Kevrail’s successful bid for the throne. Now called King Kevrail I, the new monarch has strengthened Korvosa’s backing of the Hellknight Order of the Nail as well as with the various law-abiding faiths in order to prevent another fiendish plot against Korvosa and its people.

King Kevrail I

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